Everyday, Natural Eye Makeup!


Today I decided to show you all my everyday, natural, simple, and most importantly… QUICK, eye makeup routine! I do this almost every day! Let’s get started.

The corresponding video: ▶ Natural Everyday Eye Makeup by alovelyambitionImage

First, I’m going to prime my eyes with my NARS smudgeproof eyeshadow base.



I just blend this out with my finger. Any eyeshadow primer will do. I especially love this one due to the fact that it keeps my eyeshadow from smudging on my oily eyelids. $24.00, Sephora

Next, I’m going to take my NYX eyeshadow base in white on my real techniques dome shadow brush. This base is NOT A PRIMER. Applied by itself, IT WILL CREASE! However, over a primer and underneath a light shadow, it works perfectly!


I apply the base under the arch of my brow and in the inner corner of my eye surrounding the tear duct area. $6.99, Ulta Beauty

Next, I’m going to pat my face powder, Clinique perfectly real in shade 102, over the base that I placed under my brow. The white base will make my face powder the perfect brow highlight for my skin tone.


I applied this with my Tigi angled shadow brush.

Next, using the same brush, I’m going to apply my L’Oreal infalliable eyeshadow in “Iced Latte”. This is a light shimmery shade that is similar to Stila Kitten shadow. This will open up the eyes and make them appear bigger and brighter.


This eyeshadow is extremely velvety and pigmented. $7.99, Ulta Beauty

Now I’m going to apply Urban Decay’s “Easy Baked” to the middle third of my eyelid with my MAC 239 flat shader brush. This color is a light shimmery gold, perfect for a natural, eye-brightening look.



to blend with “Iced Latte”, just make small patting motions, then extend the color to just before the outer third of the eye. $18.00, Urban Decay

Next, I applied MAC’s “Sable” eyeshadow with a 217 blending brush. This color is a light shimmery warm brown shade, making it the perfect midtone.

*A midtone will help reduce the amount of blending later on*



Applying this color to the outer corner and buffing it through the crease will open up the eyes and give more dimension. $15.00, MAC cosmetics

Now, I apply my L’Oreal infalliable eyeshadow in “Continuous Cocoa” with a MAC 217 blending brush.



I applied this dark, DARK, subtly shimmery brown to the very outer corner and throughout the crease. Applying Sable beforehand almost eliminates the need for blending, though I still do.

$7.99, Ulta Beauty

Now, blend if needed.


Now for our lower lash line. I took Urban Decay’s 24/7 liner in “Rockstar”, a deep, plum-brown shade, and applied that to the outer half of my lower lashline.


$19.00, Urban Decay

Next, I apply my winged eyeliner. If you are more comfortable with a traditional line, feel free to do so. I use L’Oreal’s “The Super Slim” liquid liner in “Carbon Black”. $8.99, Ulta Beauty



To create a wing, pretend you are connecting a line from the end of your eyebrow to your lower lashing, then connect that line with the line drawn on your upper lash line as shown above.

Last but CERTAINLY not least, I applied the CoverGirl Clump Crusher mascara, as mentioned in my previous post, to my top and bottom lashes.


$8.99, Ulta Beauty

And that’s it! You’re done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Thank you so much for reading!






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