Top 10 Summer Lip Products!

Hello Lovelies!

Today, I wanted to share with you my TOP 10 Summer Lip products. I know 10 sounds like SO MANY… but it was SO hard to narrow it down this far! Anyway, let’s jump right in!

CORRESPONDING VIDEO: Top 10 Summer Lip Products!


I’m going to start out with my perfect nude: Blankety Lipstick by MAC.


This is a LONG-WEARING nude lipstick with a pink base. This color is perfect for when I just want to grab something and get out the door, yet it is so flattering and completes any look. I love having a pink-based nude, and I think this should be a staple in every collection. $15.00, MAC

Next, I love MAC’s lipstick in Pleasure Seeker.


This is the perfect muted coral, or a coral with a nude base, for summer. It makes your lips pop, but without being TOO obnoxious. I LOVE this shade for summer. $15.00, MAC

Next is my Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet, which I mentioned in my “Colors of the Rainbow Tag”.


I love the formula of these because they moisturize my lips so well, but I also love this bright pink color. It is wearable, unlike some bright pinks. I’ve been OBSESSED with this! $7.99, ULTA

Next, for a more natural gloss, I love the BUXOM lip gloss in “Dolly”.


This gloss isn’t so long wearing, but it enhances your natural lipcolor beautifully and adds a bit of shine. $10.00, Sephora

Next, I’ve been loving my NYX jumbo lip pencil in “Pink Brown”.


Name aside, this is a beautiful peachy-pink, satin finish, moisturizing lip product. The color is very opaque, which impressed me. I’ve been loving this day-to-day. $4.99, ULTA

Next, is my Make Up For Ever Lab Shine Lip Gloss in D6.


This is a hot pink gloss perfect for when your face needs some perking-up. This color is sheer, but build-able without getting too goopy or sticky. $18.00, Sephora.

Next, my Maybelline BABY LIPS lip balm in “Cherry Me”.


This SUPER moisturizing balm gives a hint of sheer color while making your lips SUPER soft! You really can’t go wrong with any of the BABY LIPS. $3.99, ULTA

Now for the longest wearing product in this post, my MAC PROlongwear lip glass in “Persistent Peach”.


This stuff is the real deal. When they say “PROlongwear”… THEY MEAN IT. This pretty, peachy, opaque gloss had some SERIOUS staying power. I’m talking 5-7 hours… NO JOKE. This is great for the hot summer months and the color is perfect as well. $20.00, MAC

Next, I’ve been loving my Maybelline Color Whisper in “Petal Rebel”.


I feel like these are the Maybelline version of the Revlon Lip Butters, WHICH I LOVE, and this Barbie Pink color is absolutely perfect for summer. $5.99, ULTA

Last, but certainly not least, I’ve been obsessed with the Rimmel lipstick in “Pink Blush”.


These are awesome lipsticks, and I love wearing this pink to match my Stila pink blush. $4.99, ULTA

Those are my top 10 summer lip products! Thank you for reading! Also– don’t forget to check out the corresponding video linked at the beginning of this post!





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